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K Span Car Parking Shades

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K Span Car Parking Shades

There are many different kinds of parking shades in the market. The K span is one of the most stylish and functional shades of them all. Commonly seen in the parking lots of private and government offices, villas and even homes, these shades are attractive and eye-catching. Smartly designed, these shades stand out easily from all others and make a good first impression to the world.

The K span shades you will find in our inventory offer all-weather protection to cars. These offer excellent UV resistant which is often a problem with other shades. In order to make sure that the cars parked underneath the shades get the best kind of protection from the weather outside, we build ours with the best-quality fabrics available to us. As a result, your cars will always be shielded from the burning UV rays under them.

That aside, our K span car parking shades are completely water, wind and snow proof. So, whatever the weather is outside, under the shades, it’s always decent. All our shades are shake proof which means no matter how strong the wind current is, the stand will stay up.

We use only heat and water-resistant materials for our K span car shades. That gives them a long life. In addition to that, the fabrics of our stands are abrasion and tear resistant. So, even if you are a little rough using these, it won’t endanger the longevity of these stands.

All our K span parking shades are anti-aging and anti-static, qualities that are widely sought and seldom found in stands of these kinds. They have high light transmission.

So, if you are tired of scanning the Internet for good quality K-span car shades at affordable prices, it’s time to stop and take a peek into our ginormous inventory.

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