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Shades Galaxy specializes in providing high quality, best in class aluminium fabrications in UAE. Being in business for years now, we have been successfully catering to the growth and expansion of the industrial sector in this part of the world. We have helped several businesses till now and it has been an honor to assist several businesses through our offerings and in turn help the industry prosper in a major way. Our aluminium fabrications and extrusions are used extensively for upgrading and changing the assembly lines in a smooth and efficient manner. The aluminium structures can help in developing custom-built structures that can be used for managing a broad range of applications. They are also suitable for making machine guards, material handling components and workstations of various sizes and capacities. Our aluminium structures are easy to manage, install and maintain. You can also disassemble them conveniently if you want to do so.

As a company that has been serving as aluminium structure manufacturers in Dubai for quite some time now, we are familiar with the latest trends in the industry and deliver competent solutions that can be useful for a business. You can use our modular aluminum structure for boosting the efficiency of all types of machines. We are skilled at developing aluminium structures that are light, robust, highly flexible and can be used for a broad range of tasks without any hassles. This makes our products suitable for enhanced automation which means that you can certainly get your money’s worth.

Once you get in touch with us, we can consider the specific requirements of your project and offer you top of the line aluminium structures that would suitable for your requirements. We can also offer a wide range of bolted connectors that can withstand any load. Our experts will help you to assemble the structure without much additional tools. We also make sure that our aluminium structures are aesthetically stunning so that they can look great for all commercial projects. This makes them suitable for any kind of project you have in mind.

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