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Inverted Umbrella Car Parking Shades

Shades Galaxy

Inverted Umbrella Car Parking Shades Manufacturer / Supplier in Dubai UAE

Looking for an umbrella shade that will add both function and style to your premise? Check out our inverted umbrella shades. Designed to look like upside down umbrellas, these structures have shot to popularity all over the world and our inverted shades are one of our most selling products on the list.

Extremely popular with our esteemed customers, our shades help users make a style statement right at the entrance effortlessly.

Our inverted parking shades are multi-purpose. They can be set up as a canopy at the entrance or in the walkway. They can also be installed at the parking lot. No matter where you decide to put these, our inverted shades will have an eye-catching effect anywhere.

In addition to aggrandizing outdoor sites, our canopies can also be lit up at night. That is a great way to decorate shades and give them an aesthetic upgrade that catches the eye easily.

It’s not just the aesthetics that is the USP of our inverted shades. The material is another key thing that makes our shades so desirable. Light in weight and flexible in design, our shades are made of the best materials available in the market. This gives them great tensile strength, impressive tear strength and the ability to endure temperatures above 70 degrees in summer and below -40 in winter. So whatever the weather is, you can trust our shades to do the job just perfectly.

In addition to these, our inverted umbrella parking shades also have the great wind load capacity. So you can trust these stands to stay up even in the face of great wind gushes. Most of these products can take a wind load of up to 120Km/ hour.

All our stands are available in a wide range of interesting colors. You can also get your stand custom built by us at affordable costs.

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    Inverted Umbrella Car Parking Shades Manufacturer in Dubai UAE

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