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Arch Car Parking Shades

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Arch Car Parking Shades

One of the best options in canopy shades, the arch shades are contemporary and functional. Sold all over the country, it is one of the most finely designed parking shade structures available in the market. Smartly designed and shaped with finesse, these shades blend easily and perfectly with architectural constructs of all kinds. Our arch car parking shades are ideal to serve as tension awnings for car parking lots outside of residential and commercial establishments.

We design arch parking shades of the most modern designs. These shades stand out easily and make a great first impression. They modernize parking areas while offering complete shelter and protection to the vehicles parked underneath.

From the design point of view, our arch style shades are the most fitting picks to setup outside any kind of establishment. They offer maximum shade which is great especially during the daytime when the sun beats down brutally on us burning our skin and robbing vehicles of the luster of their paint job.

Our arch car parking shades are the most ideal solution for any parking area for their design and function. These ones cause minimum parking barrier in the area and do the most perfect job of blocking the sun’s damaging rays from reaching the vehicles. If you have an outdoor parking area that you are looking to get covered with something heavy and durable, then the arch style shades are your best option.

We make ours with only the best quality fabrics available to us. On our catalogue you will see stands made of PVC, PTFE and ETFE, all of which are tested to offer excellent protection against heat and UV rays. So, offer your cars a high level of protection with these extraordinary shades.

Our products are flame and tear resistant, they offer thermal comfort of a certain degree and provide great UV protection.

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