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Swimming Pool Shades

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Swimming Pool Shades

Swimming pools require robust shades and nothing less than the best-quality works. So we bring to you a wide variety of swimming pool shades that feature wide covers and sturdy frames. With decent light transmittance, these shades stand tall over swimming pools giving them shade and keeping them cool through all of summer.

Our pool shades though available in variable sizes have large spans with tensile structures built to offer expansive coverages that exceed 200 meters. Each of our products in this category feature a unique design that is both visually pleasing as well as functionally impressive. Scalloped, inverted, pyramid, arch, K-span, conical, you name it and we have it. Even if you don’t see a design of your choosing in our gallery, check with one of our sales executives and they will be happy to build you your own favorite design at a small cost.

Aside from the choices in shapes, we also offer the same in pricing. As of now, our products in this category come at diverse price points. Irrespective of their price labels, they are about 1/3rd to ½ less compared to the market price of similar products provided by other manufacturers.

As one of the country’s key swimming pool shades manufacturer, we keep our focus set on quality. As a result, all our shades are easy to install, lightweight, sturdy, aesthetically excellent and durable. With their flexible design, you can setup a product from our catalogue in just a few hours.

Made from a variety of durable fabrics, these shades are weatherproof. This lends the structures durability that make them a product suitable to stand up to harsh and extreme weather conditions.

We are an eco-friendly swimming pool shades supplier that ensures that all materials used in the making of our products are completely environment friendly.

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