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Pyramid Car Parking Shades

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Pyramid Car Parking Shades

Those of you looking for car parking shades that can be easily set up anywhere without much effort to shelter from the sun, then you don’t need to look beyond our pyramid shades. With our diverse collection of pyramid sun shades, we help you escape from the sun in just a matter of seconds. Lightweight and compact, these sunshades can be carried easily with you to your next beach or hiking trip.

All our pyramid sunshades are extremely easy to use and highly portable. These are designed to make it easy for all our users to stay out of the sun whenever required. You can set them up in the sandy shores of the beach or in the rocky paths of the trail. We also have pyramid parking shades that are bigger and offer greater protection from the sun.

The Sun-safe design allows users to hide from the harsh and harmful rays of the sun during the day. Whenever you feel hot from the exposure or feel your skin burning, you can quickly duck inside these shelters and cool off in a heartbeat.

All our products are certified to be industry-quality. They diffuse use successfully and block all the reflected sun rays from at least 3/4th of the directions. Our portable shades weigh less than 5 pounds while the bigger ones weigh slightly heavier. Irrespective, these can be easily carried in the boot of a car or even in a backpack, depending on the size. Foldable, they can be put inside integrated bags, no pins or clips required.

Our pyramid car parking shades can be taken down just as quickly as they can be put up. Drawstrings and such features help pull the legs and pop them open in just seconds. Our parking pyramid shades are available in various stylish designs and colors. Take your pick from our long line of shades.

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