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GRP Car Parking Shades

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GRP Car Parking Shades

Looking for good-quality GRP shades for your parking lot? We have just the thing for you. We are experienced in designing and manufacturing car shades of international standard that stand up to the expectations of users from over the world. Our GRP shades are engineered to meet the most demanding conditions known. We are able to guarantee this because we have to keep our focus set on two things, optimal performance and economic solutions. With those in mind, we bring to you a wide selection of GRP car parking shades that will meet all your requirements and more.

All our GRP parking shades have a minimum thickness of 5mm which makes them durable and stylish. Our products mostly feature a smooth finish. We use glass or gem coat to give our products the best kind of finish possible. For color we use vivid color pigments that give the structures a standout appearance.

We are also very serious about material quality. In order to ensure that all our products have a long life and great performance, we use only the top-quality materials in building them. Good quality fiberglass material gives our stands a smooth decorative finish which is hard to miss. For further shine and polish, we laminate the materials with top coats of paint and resin.

For a strong built and excellent wind resistance, we fit our GRP car parking shades with GI pipes of considerable diameter. These pillars keep the structures standing through changing seasons, heavy wind gushes and other challenges that threaten to compromise the integrity of such structures.

In addition to that, our GRP car parking shades provide excellent protection from sun, rain and snow. So, if your visitors have to keep their car parking out in the sun for long hours, the best way to protect their vehicles from sun damages is to set up a GRP shade in your parking.

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