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Conical Car Parking Shades

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Conical Car Parking Shades

Parking shades are now available in a gamut of interesting architectures and styles. One of those is the conical shades. Attractive and stylish, these shades are widely seen in parking lots outside malls, markets and offices in this country. We bring to you a wide range of conical shades for parking lots that are manufactured with world class fabric and heavy-duty material. Designed to offer protection for cars standing below, these shades are the most durable and functional car park shades that you will find in the market.

Our engineers go the extra length to make our conical parking shades functional. As a result, the ones that show up in our inventory have light weight structures which make them easy to install. The architectural solution used to design these structures help them to stay standing in windy weather conditions and storms.

For our conical shades, we use a selection of high-quality fabrics. You can choose from PVC, PTFE, HDPE and more. All of these fabrics are tested to offer excellent protection against the burning sun and extreme snowy weather.

The fabrics with their great tensile strength offers the ideal solution for variegated applications. These can be used primarily in the parking lot. Aside from that, these have uses in other occasions including ports, business, agriculture, landscape and more.

The best thing about our conical car parking shades is that they have high strength, strong built, cost effective and eco-friendly. All our products are recyclable and easy to remove from one place to another. Tear and flame resistant, they last for many years, withstanding the worst wind gushes, the wettest weather conditions and the harshest heat and sun.

We see to it that all products in our catalogue are perfectly cost effective and to that end, we price them accordingly.

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