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We welcome you to Shades Galaxy, one of the country’s most recognized tent manufacturers of this time. Established years back, we are a part of this niche for longer than most players. We have used our time in the industry to specialize in the manufacturing of the best-quality tents and shades sold in the market. Today, we have an expansive catalogue of products and a brimming inventory of tents that are purchased all over the country and outside.

Our tenting solutions range from small portable ones to robust storage types. On our catalogue you will find tents designed for single occupants that can be setup anywhere anytime without requiring any training. With that, we also have event tents, storage tents and polygonal tents that span over a few meters and require professionals to setup.

For both the products and all in between, we guarantee quality and longevity. As one of the top tent suppliers in the country, we are invested in bringing to you the best quality tents that we can. For our fabrics, we use imported materials that we procure from different parts of the world. These materials ensure the designing of structures that are fully safe and heavy-duty. As a result, all our temporary structures are high on performance, but low in cost.

While our tents are available in diverse frame styles and designs, there is also a wide selection of canopy materials to pick from too. PVC, GRP, GI, we offer tents in some of the best-quality materials possible. These fabrics have great tensile strength and are all anti-aging. That’s how they go on and on for years without a shred of problem.

Ranked the best tents in the country, all our products are tear, abrasion, wind and flame resistant and feature safe and flexible designs. For More Visit: Tents Galaxy

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