5 Ways in Which You Can Use a Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin Outdoors

Tarps are versatile and if you are a little creative, you can use and reuse them for years in more than just one way. Available widely in-home improvement stores, these are now a staple with discount retailers. Over the past few years, their demand has gone up as people have come to identify the many uses of tarpaulins. Vinyl, polyester, whatever your tarps are made of, they have multipurpose uses and today in this article, we will talk about the top 5 of them. All these are outdoor uses and it behooves to have waterproof tarps.

As Camping Supplies Cover

Tarpaulins have been famously used across the globe as covers for outdoor campsites. You can take it to the next level by propping it up to cover your camping supplies. Wherever you keep your firewood, camping furniture, cooking kits, etc., move them over on table and set the tarp up over it as a cover. Being water-resistant, it will protect your camping gears from getting wet in the rain or damaged in the sun.

As Tent Cover

Tent cover is what ideally tarpaulins are used for. So, let’s not strike that out of the list. With a durable waterproof tarpaulin, you can keep rain, wind and sun from entering your tent. All you need is a fire- and water-resistant tarpaulin. Canvas materials work best for this as they can be drained easily and cleaned with a hose. A tarpaulin tent cover also enables rainwater harvesting. You can save the water that run off the tarpaulin to boil and use as drinking water while you are camping.

As Campsite Floor

Campsite roofing is not the only function of a tarpaulin. You can also alternate it as the floor. If you have a tent that you are planning to set up anywhere outdoors, first make a floor using the tarpaulin you have, Now lay out padded tiles or whatever kind of tiles you have to set the floor up nice and fine before putting the tent up. This not only makes the insides of the tent more comfortable; it also provides the occupants a cleaner floor.  It takes only a quick roll to gather up the tarpaulin after the tent has been taken apart.

As Hammock

Build your kids a nice and cozy all-weather hammock in the backyard or at the beach using your heavy duty tarpaulin. Feel free to use a ripstop fabric if you have one at hand. If not, a tarpaulin does just fine. Tarps that are made of untreated canvas make for great hammocks that you can leave out even on rainy days. These tarps can easily take the weight of children and are strong enough to hold adults.

As the Base of Backyard Ice Skating Rink

If you are planning to build your children a nice ice staking rink in the backyard, get that tarpaulin out of the shed. Build a frame and lay it out on the ground as a kind of flooring on which the ice will form.

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