Things to Check before Buying a Ramadan Tent

Buying a tent is an easy thing these days. There are tons of tents available in the market. Some of these sellers also operate online making the products purchasable through the Internet. However, a buyer needs to worry about more than just availability when buying a religious tent. There are boxes to check and things to know before you decide on a particular tent. Here is a short and easy guide to help you find the best Ramadan tent available in the market. Let’s take a quick look.

Decide on the Capacity

Let’s start with the most important thing, i.e., the size of the tent. A rule of thumb is to judge the size you need before starting to look at the products. In this case, you need to analyze your needs first. Do you need a giant tent that can accommodate a big batch of guests? or Do you need a small one for just the family? If it’s a bigger one you need, know that it will take extra space to unfold and roll. So, you need to have that kind of space in your house to store it when it’s not in use.

Mind the Weight

The weight is another thing that is of importance here. You may find a bigger tent more suitable for your purpose, but it may not be the right weight. A heavier, bulkier tent will have you huffing carrying it around from one place to another. If portability is a priority, you need to choose one of those religious tents that are highly foldable and lightweight, irrespective of their weight and size. There are ultra-light freestanding tents that are a lot easier to carry around than their bigger versions. So, go for those if you plan on carrying it around with you a lot.

Take the Weather into Account

Aside from weight and size, the weather is also a determining factor. Know the kind of weather you are going to set it up in. Are you going to use it more in rainy weather conditions or in dry and sunny ones? If it’s both, then you need one of those two-season tents that offer protection against both sun and rain. Then there are all-weather tents that are perfect to put up in all weather conditions. Slightly more expensive, these are the best ones to get if you are not sure about the weather.

Assess the Packability

Once again, packability is a big factor in choosing the right ramadan tent. While weight and size make all the difference, packability is equally important. The most portable tents can be folded up into a thin light roll and can be carried around by their straps. 

Research Durability and User-Friendliness

Before you finalize a tent, make sure that you know everything about its durability and ease of use. You want to spend only on tents that make for a shelter that can be used over and over again and do not involve too much complexity of installation.

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